My Characters

All of my characters can demonstrate musical instruments in various periods. Weaponry can be displayed also.  

Outline of clothing worn, utensils carried and details of a typical day in the life of the character can make for a very educational and entertaining session too.

2020/21 price list

Usually a two hour educational session at an historical monument or at your school would cost £100 plus mileage.  A full day would be £200. 

Extra charges apply for WW2 Tommy.

All fees are negotiable, so please call me to discuss your requirements.

Minstrel Tom: 07890554276

1066 Anglo Saxon
Medieval Minstrel
Scribe & Lay Brother
Tudor Musician/Minstrel
Tudor Nobleman
Pikeman & Master at Arms 1640's
17th century drummer
Traditional Santa
WW2 Tommy
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